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Our Work

Our experience to date has spanned across a wide variety of market sectors, organisations and roles.

  • Energy, Water, Police and Fire Services, Defence, Aerospace, Finance and National Security markets.

  • Public and private sector organisations, start-ups / small-medium enterprises / large multi-nationals.

  • Strategic business development, transformation management and technical programme delivery.

Our Clients

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Our Client Experience

We are committed to building a trusted and lasting relationship with our clients, to provide independent advice whilst also being a valuable part of their team...

Stephen Magennis

MD, Expleo UK

Matt was engaged by Expleo on a business development work brief covering three specific areas of knowledge and expertise within the energy industry. This included identifying strategic opportunities for Expleo with key target organisations, undertaking stakeholder & competitor mapping and additionally landscape analysis.
Alongside this, Matt also supported the response to RFPs which Expleo received during the course of his engagement with us.
The work undertaken by Matt was of immediate value to Expleo, providing a clear overview of the opportunities available in the market and with the relevant key stakeholders to target.
Having someone of Matt’s abilities was also invaluable in responding to RFPs, improving the quality of the submission and the chance of success."

Mark Welch

Partner, IBM UK

"When IBM heard Matt was starting his own independent consultancy, we thought he would be perfect in our team for an upcoming sizeable opportunity. His role was to support our team, but also to challenge us - from our solution, to our approach and engagement with the client.  Some of the activities were already pre-planned, but Matt also came up with initiatives which added additional value. We asked Matt to perform independent reviews of our proposal deliverables, provide us with market and client knowledge, and provide subtleties of language, tone and content that would resonate client-side.
The output from Matt has been very strong. He works quickly and efficiently and to a very high-quality standard. The challenge sometimes was could the team keep up with him. He was incredibly flexible, shifting from topic to topic, being highly responsive to changing demands and dynamics. He was working with a diverse team in terms of capability and experience and Matt was able to adapt, and coach. His advice and guidance was always encouraging and directed towards the goal of improving our win-chances - it wasn’t making comments for making comments-sake.  He was patient - occasionally working with content authors on multiple iterations, but maintained a positive, cheerful attitude. He became a member of our team seamlessly, and one valued up and down the organisation.
From amorphous to well-defined solutions, Matt is not flustered and will find a way - from reviewing the Executive Summary to an architecture diagram, he will give it equal focus and find ways of improvement. He’s a highly-skilled consultant, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again and again."

Carl Haigney

VP, Capgemini UK

Matt Brake has provided consultancy services into Capgemini for around 6 months and in this period his strategic-thinking, energy and net-zero expertise, and his deep understanding of the UK smart energy markets have been invaluable in our business. 
We continue to use Matt’s services in support of our market-positioning and business development activities.
Matt works flexibly and efficiently, pragmatically addressing the challenges in front of him whilst not being afraid to professionally challenge. 
He originates new pieces of work as well as providing expert review and wider consulting services and I know he is well-trusted and respected by the wider client base.”

Our Articles

Sector Focus Smart Metering

Here I will soon provide details about what I have done in the market, who for, and in what capacity.

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